CONLIN STUDIOS is a creative shop that offers services in sign painting, lettering, design, illustration and murals.

Michael Conlin is an Albany, NY based commercial artist. He grew up on Long Island, where his proximity to New York City allowed him to experience street art and murals first hand. Early on in his career, he became a print maker, completing residencies with prestigious programs like the Lower East Side print shop and Vermont Studio Center. Through these experiences and his affinity for vintage advertising, urban art and decay he found himself drawn to hand painted signs, lettering and murals. 

From the open sign on the door to the custom murals on the walls, today Michael’s work can be found inside and outside businesses across the state of New York. His studio is located in Albany’s warehouse district, a fitting setting for the type of work he creates. “I truly enjoy the challenge of creating something from nothing. I couldn’t tell you why I’m an artist, I just always have been. Having experienced major loss early on in life, only brush up against death myself later on, I have figured out a way to use my work to solve problems, to express myself, and in turn to help others do the same.”


American Numismatic Association,

Gilroy Roberts Foundation,

Lower East Side Print Shop, 

Manhattan Graphics Center, 

Vermont Studio Center



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