Albany Parking Garage

A couple of weeks this spring, as the cool air became sticky with summer, I stood in a basket 35 feet in the air and painted the Quackenbush parking garage in downtown Albany.  The idea started over a year ago when the Albany Center Gallery approached me. The concept comes from the language that the gallery and the Albany Parking Authority used. I heard what they were saying and translated their words into the piece. Things like, “We want people to flock to the area and to be excited when they land in Albany,” gave way to what is now 6 birds in flight.   

During the year the project grew and once the concept was locked in we were able to paint. Overall the 6 story, 85ft project took two weeks to paint and complete. It was a great challenge and we capped it off with a party. Couldn't ask for more!

Though many people gave their time and support, I want to recognize the incredible team at Death Wish for providing me with some gear, amazing footage and of course, coffee. Watch the video collab below:

Sentinel Butcher Shop

I had the opportunity to work with the good folks over at the Sentinel Butcher Shop in Troy, NY. Emily is the shop's proprietor and she is a seasoned master butcher. During the project we played around with different options for the windows out front. Inspired by butcher shops from the early 1900's, we decided to go with with some classic themes. 

I also had some help from Gibbs Connors. Gibbs grew up in Troy and relocated to Philly years ago, an old journeyman sign writer, As luck would have it, he was in town and was kind of enough to teach me some gold leaf gilding techniques for the "butcher shop" piece on the window and the transom.

Nose to Tail, Farm to Table (painted on the bottom of each window), describes the philosophy of the shop. They specialize in whole animal butchery and connecting to the local farms, providing a traditional but modern take on an historic profession. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them. 

As we move forward with the brands identity I look forward to some of the great projects we have in store. 

listening to

As the shop stays

cranking, music

always helps

the work flow.

Couple weeks back we went to a Biggie Brunch, T-Bone steak, Cheese Eggs, and Welch's grape mimosas. With the anniversary of the Notorious passing plenty of mixes are around, none coming close to DJ Chris Read on Waxpoetics. Even through its a year old, its still killing it. 

Ratking has been slaying speakers since their first album and the new album So it Goes has helped solidify them as the next crew to take the underground hip hop torch. 

Thes One has a mix that is on Soul Strut, if you don't know about the strut shut your computer off. Soul Strut has been a mainstay in the shop for years, it provides never ending goodness. This mix is Sunday morning on a Saturday afternoon. 

Mr. Galactus is a such a great DJ, complete nautical astrology genre mixing......(what the..?) Yup, that good.. Spot the mixcloud page for a brick of mixes. 

DEATH GRIPS... Hopefully they can continue to fornicate on vinyl instead of not knowing what to do next..

Action Bronson Mr.Wonderful ,, been waiting on something from Action for a bit. So far it's what was needed. Put it on and walk away. 

Cold Paint/Hot Hands

One of the last project I got to do before the year ended was with Gibbs Connors, I got to help him paint a body shop in Troy. The shop we painted was for Lucio's Body Shop. I jumped to the opportunity to paint with him. It was freezing out and we needed to add little low temp reducer to the paint. After getting the pattern in place and Lucio' approval, we were ready to rock. Gibbs learned from this guy John Daly who has so much amazing work up in Troy. John was and is a master sign painter and did everything from sling paint to gild and carve wood signs. It was nice to shoot the breeze and here some of tips of the trade. We walked the streets of the Collar City and found pieces of John's past sign work and some ghost signs. Gibbs has a ton of knowledge and is a time tested vet in the sign game. Overall great day, super cold but well worth the extra layers. 

It All Belongs to Kid

Recently I took a brush lettering class at Cooper Union with Ken Barber from House Industries.  It was great to hear some of the history associated with brush type. Ken discussed the origins of the type that can be found in cartoon continuities in the early days of advertising all the way up to logos such as The Jimmy Kimmel Show, which Ken did.  If you have the opportunity to take the class I suggest you jump on it. Ken had old school hip hop playing during much of the class so, heres my best Jimmy walker impersonation.