Cold Paint/Hot Hands

One of the last project I got to do before the year ended was with Gibbs Connors, I got to help him paint a body shop in Troy. The shop we painted was for Lucio's Body Shop. I jumped to the opportunity to paint with him. It was freezing out and we needed to add little low temp reducer to the paint. After getting the pattern in place and Lucio' approval, we were ready to rock. Gibbs learned from this guy John Daly who has so much amazing work up in Troy. John was and is a master sign painter and did everything from sling paint to gild and carve wood signs. It was nice to shoot the breeze and here some of tips of the trade. We walked the streets of the Collar City and found pieces of John's past sign work and some ghost signs. Gibbs has a ton of knowledge and is a time tested vet in the sign game. Overall great day, super cold but well worth the extra layers.