Sentinel Butcher Shop

I had the opportunity to work with the good folks over at the Sentinel Butcher Shop in Troy, NY. Emily is the shop's proprietor and she is a seasoned master butcher. During the project we played around with different options for the windows out front. Inspired by butcher shops from the early 1900's, we decided to go with with some classic themes. 

I also had some help from Gibbs Connors. Gibbs grew up in Troy and relocated to Philly years ago, an old journeyman sign writer, As luck would have it, he was in town and was kind of enough to teach me some gold leaf gilding techniques for the "butcher shop" piece on the window and the transom.

Nose to Tail, Farm to Table (painted on the bottom of each window), describes the philosophy of the shop. They specialize in whole animal butchery and connecting to the local farms, providing a traditional but modern take on an historic profession. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them. 

As we move forward with the brands identity I look forward to some of the great projects we have in store.