listening to

As the shop stays

cranking, music

always helps

the work flow.

Couple weeks back we went to a Biggie Brunch, T-Bone steak, Cheese Eggs, and Welch's grape mimosas. With the anniversary of the Notorious passing plenty of mixes are around, none coming close to DJ Chris Read on Waxpoetics. Even through its a year old, its still killing it. 

Ratking has been slaying speakers since their first album and the new album So it Goes has helped solidify them as the next crew to take the underground hip hop torch. 

Thes One has a mix that is on Soul Strut, if you don't know about the strut shut your computer off. Soul Strut has been a mainstay in the shop for years, it provides never ending goodness. This mix is Sunday morning on a Saturday afternoon. 

Mr. Galactus is a such a great DJ, complete nautical astrology genre mixing......(what the..?) Yup, that good.. Spot the mixcloud page for a brick of mixes. 

DEATH GRIPS... Hopefully they can continue to fornicate on vinyl instead of not knowing what to do next..

Action Bronson Mr.Wonderful ,, been waiting on something from Action for a bit. So far it's what was needed. Put it on and walk away.